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Board of Education Committees

Board Adopts New Committee Structures

During its public meeting on July 16, 2013, the Board of Education adopted a revised committee structure. The committees identified are Policy Management, Fiscal Management, Strategic Planning, and Special Populations; the work of the former Community & Public Engagement committee has been moved to the committee of the whole. Read more here.

When do committees meet?

Committees meet on an as-needed basis. Agendas are usually posted several days before the next scheduled meeting. Meetings are listed on the Board's meeting calendar.

When are meeting minutes posted?

*Please Note: As of December 9, 2014, the webcast has been deemed the official meeting minutes. Informational summaries for the meetings are available.

All Board of Education documents, agendas, informational summaries and other meeting materials are in BoardDocs. The search for those materials can be found at this link.

Approved informational summaries for the most recent committee meetings may not be readily available online due to the time involved in their preparation.

To obtain approved informational summaries of recent meetings, please call the Board of Education Office at 240-740-3030.

Committees at a Glance

Fiscal Management Committee

Responsible for reviewing issues pertaining to the management and audit of Montgomery County Public Schools’ fiscal, capital, and human resources, including the Board’s operating budget, the Capital Improvement Program, staffing plans, and allocations.

More about this committee

Policy Management Committee

Responsible for working with Superintendent and staff to develop draft policy; presenting draft policy to the full Board; and making recommendations regarding policy.

MCPS Policies & Regulations Handbook

More about this committee

Committee on Special Populations

Working closely with the superintendent, the committee may provide initial recommendations based upon in-depth review of issues and instructional programs designed to meet the needs of special populations that require special education services, gifted and talented instruction, alternative programs, ESOL services, and multilingual supports. The committee’s work plan will consist only of tasks as assigned by the full Board.

More about this committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Responsible for providing a forum to consider the long-range direction of the school system; evaluating approaches to long-range planning; and making strategic planning recommendations to the Board.

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Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Committee 

The Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Committee is responsible for identifying a broad spectrum of communication and engagement practices for possible piloting and implementation in Montgomery County Public Schools.

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